December 1, 2022 Laura Areiza

Is it only us or did 2022 feel like four years merged into one? Not just because the world finally came out of its standstill, but because everyone wanted to pick up the pace and make up for the days of uncertainty that there was so much going on—life went back to normal. In the case of ONR, we managed to grow at a wonderful rhythm, solidifying our team, locking in new partnerships, and inking long-term deals that paved the way for a very successful 2023. This time of year serves as a moment of reflection and appreciation toward everyone who pitched in, so we’re happy to report that:

  • It was all a dream—and it’s starting to become real. Like many iconic companies, ONR also started in a garage (technically, in our CEO’s parking-turned-man cave) with three young guys wanting to create big things on their own. Full of courage and willing to bet it all, we quit our jobs believing we were on the brink of something amazing.


  • Time is of the essence. Most of the time, you can’t plan when’s the right moment to take a chance—but a successful entrepreneur will know when the time is right. We had been developing our app for years, but the pandemic lockdown made ONR indispensable. The fact that we were operating from Miami, a city that became a global tech capital overnight, also helped attract more eyeballs and investors.


  • People are the most important asset at ONR. Yes, we’re still aiming to be the biggest digital platform and application in the world, but without our amazing coding team, customer service specialists, and outreach agents, we wouldn’t be much. We’d like to specially congratulate two persons that have gone the extra mile this past year: our sales leader Rodrigo Montalvo and our customer service director Joey Mizrahi. Both are go-getters with big hearts who have helped us amicably resolve any hiccups and create lasting relationships with our clients.


  • Speaking of clients: we’re happy to announce that we’re close to reaching the goal of working with 500 community associations in Florida. Hard work and key partnerships with management companies such as AKAM and Marquis have helped us gain a dominant position in the market. In 2023 we will continue to widen our local reach and expand our operations to other regions in the United States (and hopefully even beyond!).


  • One of the main takeaways in 2022 was that collaborating often beats competing. This year we struck a partnership with TOPS, a back-of-house management company that helped us solidify our offering of accounting services, cutting-edge tools, and new communication features. The new high-tech capabilities helped us deliver a top-notch customer experience, improving the lives of thousands of people.


As we wrote this report, the planet hit a population of 8 billion—and counting. We will continue to grow our communities, and now, perhaps more than ever, getting along is paramount to providing everyone with a high quality of life. ONR started as an electronic voting app, but these days, our focus is on connecting neighbors to thread strong associations. We will continue to make it easier to book amenities and coordinate payments, but ultimately, we’re interested in human behavior. Next year we’ll focus on measuring the way we live, delivering detailed insights into our interactions by analyzing data (provided anonymously) to understand how communities work. 

Here’s to wrapping up the last month of 2022 and looking forward to a prosperous 2023! 💛