Five predictions about the future of community associations

November 17, 2022
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November 17, 2022 Sasha Cancél

Uncertainty has accompanied us through history—but instead of seeing it as a moment to bury our heads into the sand and let destiny run its course, we’re firm believers in taking ownership of our fate and actively shaping it.

That’s precisely why, after years in the hospitality industry, we’re calling the shots on what’s coming in future years. 

ONR is a community management software improving the quality of life in associations and these are the predictions to take into consideration if we want to live a little better:


Condos-like-Hotels: Whether it’s a global lockdown or because we’ve become homebodies, residents demand a hospitality-like experience from their condos and HOAs.


Democratization of luxury: Fancy high-rises will continue to lead the metropolitan transformation to meet higher demands from residents flocking to cities. 


Climate Change: Managers and board members must train to mitigate natural risks and develop contingency plans.


Organization: Maintaining a tight Online Neighbors Repository (ONR) where owner, resident, staff, and visitor info and workflows are securely kept.


Home Office: Post-pandemic residents want better business centers, conference rooms, and common areas equipped for work as part of their amenities. 


The tides are always turning—but smooth seas never made great sailors. Humans are resilient beings and our capacity to adapt is what has helped us thrive. 

Did we miss anything in our predictions? For insights on how communities are transforming and what ONR can do for you: [email protected]