5 Times E-Voting Saved the Day

September 7, 2023
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September 7, 2023 Sasha Cancél

Voting is at the heart of community associations’ decision-making processes. It’s a mechanism that empowers residents to voice their opinions, elect board members, and shape the future of their communities. Traditionally conducted with paper ballots, voting has undergone a transformation in recent years, thanks to the advent of digital democracy. ONR has changed the way associations vote forever. Here are five remarkable instances where electronic voting not only saved the day but also revolutionized the way community associations engage their members.


  1. Belmont Condominium – Embracing E-Voting for the First Time

For the Belmont Condominium, the election of a new board was a pivotal moment. It marked their transition from traditional paper ballots to the world of e-voting. This leap into digital democracy not only streamlined the voting process but also significantly increased participation. Residents found it more convenient to cast their ballots electronically, ensuring a fair and efficient election.


  1. Hyde Beach House – 170 Electronic Votes Triumph Over Paper

Hyde Beach House witnessed a remarkable shift in voting dynamics. With 170 electronic votes compared to a mere 13 paper ballots, it became evident that the future was digital. This trend is not unique; most associations working with electronic voting platforms experience higher participation rates in electronic voting over time. The ease and accessibility of digital voting play a pivotal role in encouraging residents to exercise their voting rights.


  1. Ten Museum Park – Achieving Over 90% Participation

At Ten Museum Park, the adoption of digital voting resulted in a participation rate that exceeded 90%. This impressive engagement showcased the power of technology in connecting residents with their community’s decision-making process. The convenience of casting votes electronically encourages more residents to get involved, fostering a stronger sense of community participation.


  1. Portofino – Consistently Meeting Quorum and Approving Major Renovations

Portofino’s journey with digital voting was marked by consistently meeting quorum requirements. They achieved a remarkable five-year streak of successful quorum gatherings, enabling them to approve substantial lobby renovation projects. The efficiency of electronic voting made it easier for residents to participate, paving the way for major improvements within the community.


  1. Mirador 1200 – Mastering the Art of Amendment and Upgrade Votes

Mirador 1200 has utilized digital voting for numerous critical decisions, including amendment votes and elevator upgrade approvals. While the paper results may have faded into obscurity, the overarching success is undeniable. Electronic voting proved instrumental in swiftly and effectively gathering resident consensus, ensuring that these important initiatives moved forward seamlessly.

In each of these five instances, voting emerged as the hero, not only saving the day but also transforming the way community associations interact with their members. Digital democracy has breathed new life into community decision-making, making it more accessible, efficient, and engaging for all residents. As community associations continue to evolve, electronic voting stands as a beacon of progress, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every vote counts.

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