5 Tips for a Better Community Pool Experience

June 7, 2024 Sasha Cancél

The sun is out—and it’s time to put on bathing suits and head to the pool. Community pools are the heart of many residential complexes, offering a place to relax, socialize, and even exercise (swimming burns 400-600 calories per hour, making it a great low-impact cardiovascular activity). But an overcrowded, messy, loud, or poorly managed pool can quickly turn this amenity into a source of frustration.

Pool safety goes beyond hiring lifeguards or implementing a “swim-at-your-own-risk” policy. It requires more effective communication and streamlined management, crucial for maintaining safety standards and compliance. Using a digital platform can facilitate communication, updates, and maintenance requests. Regular maintenance and well-defined protocols are essential for pool safety.

Here are five key ways to elevate your community pool experience, utilizing features from ONR’s toolkit:


  1. Tame the Chaos

Nothing ruins a pool day faster than feeling like a crammed sardine. In the communities where it’s allowed, an amenity booking system allows residents to reserve their preferred time slots, preventing overcrowding and ensuring everyone gets a chance to enjoy the pool. ONR’s system streamlines this process, reducing conflicts and creating a more enjoyable environment.


  1. Prioritize Safety Protocols

Safety is non-negotiable at a community pool. Clear and accessible safety protocols are crucial for preventing accidents. ONR allows property managers to upload and share these protocols electronically, making them readily available to staff and residents. Regular reminders about pool rules, emergency procedures, and health guidelines keep everyone informed and responsible.


  1. Empower Residents 

When it comes to pool renovations or upgrades, e-voting allows residents to participate directly in decision-making. ONR’s e-voting feature ensures transparency and empowers residents to shape the pool into a space that reflects their needs and desires. Get your residents involved in choosing how to operate the pool, whether it’s time for a renovation or any challenges that should be solved collectively by organizing a democratic decision via ONR. This improves the facilities and fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction among residents.


  1. Make it Fun

Pool parties, aquaerobics, swimming, poolside fitness classes, barbecues on festive days, or even movie nights under the stars – organized events breathe life into your community pool. With ONR’s community forum and calendar, property managers can effortlessly plan, promote, and manage these activities. Residents can easily RSVP and receive timely updates, ensuring high participation and a memorable experience.


  1. Bridge any Gaps

ONR’s communication and service request tools facilitate seamless interaction between property managers and residents. Regular updates on pool maintenance schedules, upcoming events, weather alerts, and safety reminders keep everyone informed and engaged. By fostering open communication, property managers can address resident concerns promptly, gather valuable feedback, schedule maintenance, and continuously improve the pool experience.

A well-managed community pool is an investment in resident happiness. By leveraging ONR’s features, property managers can create a safe, enjoyable, and engaging pool environment for all residents.  Ready to Make a Splash? Learn how ONR can help you optimize your community amenities by clicking here.