6 Ways to Increase Resident Satisfaction

November 29, 2023 Sasha Cancél

Let’s face it– resident complaints in communities are as inevitable as taxes. Things break down all the time, maintenance requests are always coming in, and then there’s the social aspect of integrating different mindsets, needs, and points of view. Worry not! We’re here to support you in the process, turning potential headaches into smooth operations, which will, in turn, increase resident satisfaction. And we’re talking real numbers too: property managers have reported significant annual savings, estimated at around $10,000, by using ONR’s efficient management tools.

Here are six ways ONR makes life easier for property managers and residents:


  1. Multi-Channel Communication

Just a few years ago, the idea of having a command center at your fingertips, one that keeps residents informed and engaged, sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. ONR does just that with its multi-channel communication system. Whether it’s an unexpected water shutdown, a community event, or an emergency alert, ONR ensures that residents receive timely email, app, and SMS notifications, which can also be programmed in advance. This proactive approach to communication builds a fortress of trust and community, significantly reducing the number of resident complaints arising from miscommunication or lack of information. Being proactive in keeping people informed not only pays off but also helps increase resident satisfaction and solidifies your role in the association.


  1. Streamlined Service Requests

Gone are the days of printing and filling cumbersome forms, handing them personally at the manager’s office, and following up with endless phone queues. ONR’s user-friendly interface allows residents to submit service requests effortlessly with a few phone taps. This feature is not just about saving time; it’s about transforming the resident-management interaction into a smooth, efficient, and stress-free experience. From snapping and uploading pictures to submitting a request, ONR helps maximize quick response times, leading to higher resident satisfaction.


  1. Access to Association Rules

Empowering your residents will make them feel more committed to the HOA, knowledge is indeed power (and having some skin in the game helps too). ONR provides residents with easy access to association rules, regulations, and documents. This feature empowers residents to stay informed about their community’s guidelines, leading to fewer misunderstandings and rule-related complaints. For instance, a resident planning to renovate their apartment can quickly refer to the association’s renovation policies, ensuring their plans are in compliance and avoiding potential conflicts with the management or neighbors. Make it easy for them. 


  1. Transparent Tracking

By utilizing ONR’s service request tracking system, residents can receive real-time updates on the status of their requests. This not only provides peace of mind, but also eliminates the need for unnecessary check-in calls. Increasing transparency not only eliminates uncertainty but also helps to increase resident satisfaction by assuring them that their concerns are being addressed promptly and efficiently.. Residents who report a maintenance issue on their phones can also use ONR to track their packages without venturing to the mailroom (staff can register and notify when a parcel has arrived).


  1. Simplified Visitor Access Management

Managing visitor access is a common challenge in many residential communities. ONR addresses this hurdle by allowing residents to self-manage their visitor passes. This autonomy not only enhances the resident experience but also reduces the workload on management staff. Residents can grant access to their visitors through the app, eliminating the need for time-consuming calls or visits to the management office. People particularly appreciate this feature in scenarios where they need to approve visitors at the last minute. Nobody likes waiting around in the lobby while friends or family members are waiting for you upstairs.


  1. Community Collaboration

People and the way they interact are at the core of residential living; that’s why ONR is more than just an all-in-one digital tool. Our platform strengthens quality of life by encouraging resident collaboration. By using the app, residents can easily share their thoughts and ideas through the community feed. So, whether you are in need of a good dog-sitter, a reliable plumber, or looking to invite your neighbors for a weekend run or a sunset barbecue, the app has got you covered. Our feed promotes a sense of collective unity, nurturing a connected and cooperative community environment, leading the conversation, and avoiding it migrating to  Facebook or WhatsApp groups that can’t be controlled. 

ONR is a property manager’s ace of spades—not just to run an association but also to position you as an active presence in the community. With ONR, you can not only manage your property efficiently, but also limit resident complaints by addressing their concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner. Wanna learn more about how we can help you evolve your HOA and dive into 21st-century management? 

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