The Importance of Fostering Communication in your Association

December 7, 2022
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December 7, 2022 Sasha Cancél

Every day we send out hundreds of messages, emojis, and reactions to our peers looking to establish links and express ourselves, a biological need to share information between two or more participants with the goal of transmitting, receiving, or gathering different points of view. When the message is properly communicated, a dialectical interchange follows, resulting in a better understanding of each of the participants’ needs. 

According to biologists, achieving a seamless process of communication leads to mutual advantages in humans if done with the purpose of informing, entertaining, persuading, or educating. Animals use pheromones, vibration, and eco-location as a means to interact with species—humans have an even more powerful tool: the internet. 

As a platform for community building and association management, ONR has enabled different functionalities that allow its users to express their concerns and highlight their praises, helping managers to keep their ears on the ground and know what are the collective needs. When it comes to running a building, we all know that communication is essential to conflict resolution and problem-solving, so we’d like to share a few recommendations to facilitate connecting with owners and residents:


Open The Forum

We owe the Ancient Romans for having developed the concept of a public square where all the voices could be heard—and in the digital age, anyone with a smartphone can speak their mind. Take advantage of Whatsapp channels, Facebook groups, Nextdoor forums, and ONR’s community feed to establish open communication that everyone can see, generating traceability and accountability within your association. 


Start A Marketplace

Now it’s the turn to thank the Ottoman Empire, famous for its bazaars and spice markets where all sorts of products were traded. Nowadays having a digital marketplace can help create bonds between your community, promoting a closed-loop economy whereby products and services are being exchanged within close reach. 


Experiential Possibilities 

The digital world can be an incredible place—but it will never beat face-to-face encounters. Humans are social creatures, and biologically speaking, real-life interplay is essential to creating long-lasting bonds. Strengthen your resident’s relationships through in-person events that branch out from online interactions. 


Make Participating Easy

If there’s one thing we know about in the US of A is how to do democracy. A fundamental right and responsibility that makes us free, voting is embedded in the way we do things in our country, bringing together the majority’s will. That’s why ONR allows you to enable seamless online voting tools that increase polling by at least 20% compared to paper voting. Keep residents informed of crucial meetings, live elections, and the result of the sessions through ONR’s all-in-one electoral feature. 


Although it may sound counterintuitive, the Internet has locked us to our screens and distanced us from daily interactions, but at the same time, it has served as an essential tool for strengthening our extra-corporeal bonds. As technology continues to evolve and our lives become more urban and intimate, it’s important to keep your people connected, promoting a sense of community that will improve the collective experience and everyone’s quality of life.