6 Ways Associations Benefit from E-Voting

October 25, 2023
October 25, 2023 Sasha Cancél
Online Voting for Community Associations

As condos and HOAs nationwide prepare for another voting season, it’s time to rethink traditional voting methods. Though paper ballots and in-person meetings have been the norm in the democratic system, today’s world demands efficiency, convenience, and transparency. In the face of the digital era, community associations are at a critical intersection.

How can the processes be made more efficient and secure? The answer lies in embracing a cutting-edge solution through its simplified and secure online voting platform. How can communities benefit from online voting?

Here are some benefits of e-voting:


Security is a cornerstone of digital platforms With advanced digital security measures, they provide an auditable voting trail, ensuring that every vote cast is securely recorded and counted. This fosters a sense of trust among residents, enabling community living based on assurance and accountability.


E-voting systems create an auditable voting trail, a transparent record of each vote cast. This transparency helps ensure the integrity of the process. Every vote is accounted for, and the trail can be audited at any time to confirm the accuracy of the count, assuring voters that their vote was counted as cast. It also discourages fraudulent activities, as it is almost impossible to manipulate the records without leaving any trace, thereby maintaining the fairness of the voting results.


It’s no secret that the voting season is often met with a sense of dread. However, all-in-one platforms such as ONR have a mission to turn this into an opportunity for community engagement and shared decision-making. “Our goal is to transform voting from a daunting task into an easy and secure process,” says Carlos Guzmán, CEO of ONR.

ONR enables residents to cast their vote anytime, anywhere. This digital transformation isn’t just about convenience because it’s also about fostering a democratic spirit in our communities. Associations have seen voter turnouts increase from 40% to over 70% after adopting the e-voting system.


Another major boon of going all digital for your next election is the ability to streamline voting processes. The shift from manual vote counting to e-voting streamlines the process; what used to take several weeks now concludes within a few days. E-voting reduces the burden on board members and property managers. No more distributing, collecting, and manually counting paper ballots.


The initial cost of an e-voting system may seem substantial but must be weighed against the long-term benefits. Traditional voting entails ongoing costs, including printing, distributing, collecting ballots, and labor for vote verification, this can cost thousands. This expense is virtually eradicated with an e-voting setup that only costs $999. As more elections are conducted online, the cost per vote decreases significantly, making it a financially appealing option. This shift also liberates board members and property managers to devote their time and resources to other crucial community management tasks.


By going paperless, ONR also contributes to sustainability efforts. By using ONR, management companies aren’t just making voting easier, they’re also making a statement about their commitment to the environment. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be daunting. Additionally with ONR’s online voting platform, you’re not just simplifying the voting process—you’re enabling residents to have a voice in shaping their community. 

As our CEO Carlos Guzmán says, “With ONR, you’re not just voting—you’re building community.” Let’s do it together, one vote at a time. See how your community and/or communities benefit from online voting and join the ONR family today!

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