Managing staff members just got easier

April 25, 2024
April 25, 2024 Sasha Cancél
Managing work orders just got an upgrade

They say that with great power comes great responsibility, and property managers can attest to that. Although their role is crucial to the smooth running of an HOA/condo, it can quickly become overwhelming (especially when their team goes rogue). 

Property managers not only have to make hundreds of owners and residents happy, but they also have to maintain their team working on a beat, juggling schedules, service requests, task assignments, and maintenance orders, not to mention daily nuances that pile up.

We’ve been in the industry for a few years and completely understand how it can feel: it all starts when your residents mention something that needs fixing, let’s say a burnt lightbulb in the corridor. They come to your office, barge while you’re dealing with a million more things, and complain. Paperwork must be filled, placed on a mountain of overdue requests, and gets assigned to someone on the team. Days later, the resident calls, emails, or barges into your office: the lightbulb hasn’t been changed. Your team pretends they never got the request, or that they’re too busy with other tasks (none of which are clear). 

What should’ve been a simple fix becomes a nightmare for everyone involved, draining the team’s time and energy. That’s precisely why we created the Staff App, a new application specifically designed to streamline workflows, create and assign tasks (whether one-time or recurrent), enhance Staff engagement and performance, lift the weight off your shoulders, and boost overall efficiency—the 21st-century way. 

So how exactly does this new tool work to achieve a 70% increase in your team’s productivity?


Feature Breakdown

The main objective behind creating ONR’s Staff App was to give administrators a robust feature toolkit to optimize their team’s performance. Working smarter, not harder, is now a reality: property managers can create single tasks (like replacing a lightbulb in unit 7B) and comprehensive task lists (like a weekly cleaning routine for all common areas). All with proper accountability in mind: assign and schedule these tasks for specific Staff members, ensuring clear ownership.


Property Management Work Order system

If we had to pick our favorite feature from the Staff App, it would be automation. Create and assign your tasks just once and forget about them (don’t worry, our notifications will remind you and the team, freeing up valuable time for everyone to focus on getting the job done). Ensuring the elimination of manual entries and that managers and staff alike can easily handle these essential tasks without overlooking them, all from a user-friendly interface.


Building a Connected Team

Your team can now access their assigned tasks, communicate with colleagues, and share updates—all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. This real-time access promotes a transparent, responsive, and proactive work environment. Staff members can connect through posts, comments, and direct messaging within the app, allowing for immediate information sharing and quick problem-solving. When working in a building, a lot pops up unplanned. Picture this: a maintenance Staff member encounters an unforeseen issue during a repair—now they can instantaneously post a message and receive feedback/assistance from colleagues or supervisors.


Simplifying Task Management 

Keeping track of everyone’s workflow has never been easier. Staff can mark tasks in progress, add updates with photos or videos, and complete subtasks with location tags. Need to check on the housekeeping team across five floors? No problem. You can use the app to assign specific cleaning tasks to each member, track their progress in real-time with location tags, and ensure that they clean each floor meticulously.


From Simple Tasks to Complex Projects

Infuse your HOA/condo with a collective spirit by simultaneously assigning and completing multiple tasks and subtasks. This guarantees a smooth and efficient workflow for even the most intricate projects, tracks progress, and adheres to deadlines within a designated time frame. Certainly, here is the revised sentence: Additionally, this data-driven approach allows you to optimize staffing needs and ensure resident satisfaction.


ONR’s Staff App enables your team and empowers you as a property manager. By streamlining workflows and automating tasks, you’ll reclaim valuable energy to focus on strategic initiatives and resident engagement. 

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