The 7 Most Common HOA Violations: List of HOA Violations

November 21, 2023 Sasha Cancél
list of hoa violations

As a property manager, one of your hoa responsibilities is to ensure that your community is complying with HOA regulations. The main purpose of HOA rules is to keep your community safe and clean for your residents. List of HOA violations are usually rare, but there is always a chance that you may face one. In some states, HOA can be pretty strict about a violation. A resident will usually be notified of the offense and can also be obligated to pay a hefty fine. Let’s look at some of the most common HOA violations and how you can report them effectively using a Property Management Software like ONR. 

List of HOA violations 

Here are some of the most common HOA violations list that can occur unknowingly within your community or condominium:

1- Improper Vehicle Parking 

Some HOAs have very strict rules regarding vehicle parking. These can include the number of vehicles and their type. Parking spaces are specifically designated and parking anywhere outside of these can land you into trouble. 

2- Trash containers in the wrong areas

HOAs can also be very strict when it comes to trash containers and their locations. If you put your containers in the wrong spot, you may face a violation.

3- Overgrown Landscaping 

HOAs set strict guidelines about the length of grass and weeds. If you have overgrown lawns that are unkept and weeds in your yard, you may face a potential HOA violation of HOA weeds rules.

4- Pet violations 

HOAs often have rules about pets, such as the number of pets you can own. These can also include excessive barking if you have a dog. Some HOAs can also require you to have your pets on a leash always.

5- Holiday Decorations 

Some HOAs have tight deadlines for how long you can keep your holiday decorations. If it is off-season and your decorations are still up, you may face an HOA violation.

HOA Property Management

6- Noise Violation 

In a residential community, no one likes to be disturbed in the middle of the night due to excessive noise from parties or car honking. HOA can require you to enforce strict noise regulations that do not disturb the neighborhood.

7- Unkept Exterior 

HOA regulations focus a lot on maintaining a ‘clean’ aesthetic outdoors. If your house looks a little rundown due to the paint or landscape, you can get a violation notice. 

HOA Fines for Violations

HOA fines for violations can vary depending on the severity of the violation that has occurred. These range from $20 to $50 for minor violations, like overgrowing your grass or not parking your vehicle properly.

However, for more serious violations, these hoa fines for violations can go upto hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

  • Overgrown landscaping: $25-$50
  • Improperly parked vehicles: $25-$50
  • Trash containers in the wrong area: $25-$50
  • Off-season holiday decorations: $25-$50
  • Pet violation (e.g., excessive dog barking): $50-$100
  • Noise violation (e.g., loud music late at night): $50-$100
  • Unkempt exterior: $100-$200

Remember to pay your fines on-time. Otherwise you can face a lien on your property.

Can HOA take pictures of your backyard?

In the world of Homeowners Associations (HOAs), there’s a big boss who makes sure everyone follows the rules by checking things from time to time. Taking pictures of private yards has its own set of rules, all written down in the HOA’s complicated rule book. To ease any worries that might pop up, it’s smart to read these rules, ask smart legal people for advice, or talk directly to the HOA for clear answers. Additionally, being aware of the common list of HOA violations is crucial for homeowners to maintain compliance and avoid potential penalties. Knowing how to report HOA violations is equally important. Whether through online forms, email, or direct communication with the HOA board, reporting violations promptly can help ensure that issues are addressed efficiently. The laws and rules can change, so it’s important to understand what the specific local rules are.

How to report HOA violations?

If you suspect that a resident has committed common HOA violations, such as improper landscaping or unauthorized structural modifications, it’s imperative to promptly report HOA violations. The first step is to review the HOA regulations to ensure clarity on the matter. Engaging in open dialogue with your residents to address any concerns or discrepancies is also crucial. When gathering evidence, documenting the violation with photographs or videos is essential for maintaining comprehensive records. Once you’ve confirmed the HOA violation, it’s prudent to notify the resident promptly, either through a formal notice or email communication. Follow-up communication is vital to ensure compliance, and if necessary, scheduling a meeting with the resident, involving a member of the HOA, can facilitate resolution. By addressing these common HOA violations promptly and consistently, the HOA can uphold community standards and maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents.

One of the disadvantages of being a member of an HOA is the incessant need to follow HOA rules and regulations. However, these regulations are enforced to keep your community safe and your residents satisfied. As a property manager, your responsibilities include complying with HOA regulations and ensuring that your residents are doing the same. If you do get a HOA violation, don’t panic! Get in touch with your HOA board immediately. The property owners elect them and they are willing to accommodate you in the best way possible.

Enforcing Compliance through HOA Violation Fines

HOA violation fines serve as a crucial tool for ensuring adherence to community rules and regulations. When homeowners fail to comply with established guidelines, these fines provide a financial deterrent, encouraging prompt resolution of violations. By imposing penalties for infractions such as unkempt yards, unauthorized alterations, or failure to pay dues on time, HOAs uphold property standards and preserve the overall aesthetics of the neighborhood. Additionally, the revenue generated from fines can be reinvested back into the community for maintenance and improvement projects, further enhancing property values and resident satisfaction. Through fair and consistent enforcement of fines, HOAs foster a culture of accountability and responsibility among homeowners, contributing to a well-maintained and cohesive community environment. A comprehensive list of HOA violations is essential for clarity and transparency in enforcement procedures.

Utilizing HOA Violation Software for Efficient Management

HOA violation software has become an indispensable tool for community associations in effectively managing and addressing homeowner association (HOA) violations. With the increasing complexity of HOA rules and regulations, these software solutions offer streamlined processes for reporting, tracking, and resolving violations. By centralizing data and automating notifications, HOA violation software enables boards and property managers to swiftly address issues, ensuring timely resolution and promoting community compliance. This technology not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances transparency and accountability within the association, ultimately contributing to a harmonious living environment for all residents.

Reporting List of HOA Violations with ONR

ONR, an all in one property management software which is also use as HOA violation software. It allows you to streamline your HOA responsibilities and property management responsibilities effectively. With ONR, you can report list of HOA violations to your property manager or get in touch with HOA directly. This allows you to keep track list of HOA violations that have occurred and if a fine has been imposed, you can easily collect the payments for those fines.

If you are having trouble complying with HOA guidelines and communicating with your residents, ONR has got you covered. We offer all of the features in our property management software that ensure a simplified property management experience for you. Visit our website to learn more!