September 27, 2022 Laura Areiza

As most of us know, hurricane season is almost 6 months of our calendar year!  Not only are hurricanes extremely damaging to properties because of their high-intensity winds, but there’s also the occurrence of catastrophic flooding. Here at ONR, we understand that as a community leader, SAFETY is your main priority; here are five ways ONR can help your community before, during, and after a storm.



Publishing polls and surveys give admins visibility into the community’s level of preparedness and help address issues beforehand, besides being a good way to get the community engaged and ‘in-the-know.’ Forecasts for storms are hard to predict, but timely preparation and reaction are key essentials to ensuring the safety of your community as a whole



Did you know the email open rate is below 20%, while SMS open rates are as high as 98%? By using ONR’s mass alerts and notifications feature, members of the community can stay informed and up-to-date during the storm through push notification alerts. Admins can keep a tab on messages, maintaining communications organized and centralized in the ONR Power Admin. ONR’s mass-messaging systems incorporate text, email, and in-app notifications, adding availability should one of the communication channels go down and ensuring communications get through and users are always up-to-date.



The best way to deal with natural disasters is to come together as a community and help each other deal with adversity. Our community feed feature allows all community members to communicate, collaborate, and help one another within an app designed just for that! We truly believe that when strangers act like neighbors, communities thrive.



Giving access to owners to important association documents (on a secure community website) can really help out, especially when access to the management office is no longer available. And for most associations (150 units or more) it’s the law! ONR allows you to easily publish all records, giving owners secure access and enabling self-service. And say goodbye to calls from unit owners requesting a copy of a document from the management office–owners can easily download it from their ONR account!



Once the storm has passed, the real chaos ensues amongst owners and management. Generally, any property damage is to be repaired by the association, and the cost of repairs is to be assessed as a common expense amongst all unit owners. Online voting helps associations be more inclusive and transparent and allows owners to participate from anywhere and at any time.


We’d love to show you how ONR can help you keep your community connected, safe, and engaged. To learn more, schedule a demo or visit us at onrapp.comStay safe.