August 22, 2022 Laura Areiza

Living in a community association like an HOA or Condo can be frustrating if you feel like your voice isn’t being heard. To ensure big decisions aren’t being made without the input of the majority, most associations must meet a quorum in order to conduct business. Quorum is a term that comes up frequently, but what is a quorum, and why is it important?

Meeting Quorum: The Basics

Put simply, a quorum is a minimum number of people that must be present (either in person or by proxy) at a meeting in order for an association to do business. Typically, this is a percentage of association members or property owners. One of the reasons quorum may seem confusing is that the specific numbers of people needed to meet quorum often vary from one association to the other. Usually, you can find the requirements for quorum in your association’s bylaws. The exception are states that have specific laws that determine quorum, but even that doesn’t always make things clean cut.

For example, in some states, a quorum is only met if it includes 30% of the board. In other cases, if the governing documents require a quorum but do not specify the quorum amount, and unless otherwise provided in the association’s bylaws or other provisions of law, one-third (1/3) of the voting power of the association, represented in person or by proxy, constitutes a quorum.

As you can imagine, trying to meet quorum can create a lot of stress for everyone. Many associations struggling to meet quorum may want to keep the minimum participation threshold low, so they can get important work done. But conversely, many owners may not have time to make meetings and feel left out or feel like big decisions are being made by just a few people.

So what can communities do?

Improving Community Engagement With Online Voting Systems

Online voting platforms like ONR provide many unique benefits that help associations meet quorum and drive overall community engagement.

Meet Quorum Easily: Many people want to weigh in on new projects and other decisions, but the reality is life and work can get in the way. With a secure online voting app, people can participate from anywhere and on any device, making meeting quorum easier.

Better Communication: Instead of newsletters and email chains, online voting apps allow you to make announcements and gather important documents all in one place.

Increases Transparency & Efficiency: A digital solution helps keep everyone on the same page by putting up-to-date information at the community’s finger tips. Votes can be tallied more efficiently and securely, building trust between decision-makers and owners.

Gives Everyone an Equal Voice: Features like anonymous voting polls empower people to weigh in on important decisions honestly in ways that are more difficult during in-person meetings.

Want to Learn More?

When you make voting and communication easier, communities thrive. See how ONR’s convenient online voting platform can make meeting quorum a worry of the past. Get in touch today!